Anusha Pattan

My favorite element of SRS Degree College is its faculty members and learning resources. Being knowledgeable, inspiring, and approachable, my instructors provide students with much guidance and mind-opening perspectives. Their dedication to education helps us develop academic interests and grow intellectually. In addition, a variety of learning resources, such as the Library and the Computer Labs, are also widely available and accessible to students. These resources are successful in assisting us in overcoming academic challenges.

Thank you SRS College for not only helping me finish the bachelor’s but also making me more confident about my ultimate dream of being a Software Development Engineer.

I would also like to convey special thanks to T.R. Guruprasad sir for guiding me to understand and imagine the bigger picture of different technologies in IT which helped me to excel in my IT Career.

Thank you..

Anusha Pattan Kotreshkumar

Software Engineer
Homesite American Family Insurance
Boston, Massachusetts, US

BCA Batch : 2008-2011