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Few things to say

SRS Degree College is not just an educational institution, it is a commitment, a commitment towards building a new generation of smart and capable individuals the custodians of the future. One among the top ten colleges in our Agra University, SRS Degree College has wide reputation for its quality of learning and a holistic approach towards grooming the students. Not just limited to the classroom-teaching, education in SRS Degree College spans beyond curriculum and textbooks. It aims at developing character and thus moulding the personality of each student. The efforts that the college has been relentlessly applying with the sole motto of offering high quality education through the years has helped in mentoring thousands of highly competent and motivated students to excel in respective fields and serve the society. With renewed vigour and commitment, the college would like to reaffirm its commitment to the cause of education. While initiating proactive and progressive learning tools and methods, the college aspires to sustain its vision of making SRS Degree College synonymous with learning. Always a front-runner, SRS Degree College is popular across the country as a trend setter in the industry. An attribute that is instilled in each student of the college.

our Plannings

College organizes several Tutorials, Seminar, Lectures, research works etc. for the students, so that they can understand their subject easily & become more practical. College also provide guidance and assistance to the student for their future, regarding various scope of their subject or for various competitive exam according to their aim & ambition . College also provides various personality development programmers/Lectures. .
College provides advanced Information technology which enables the student to step towards 21st Century. The only Goal of this college is to lead the present century and translate our motto into action “We Lead The Way You Aspire To Go...”

We Want You To Be

It is here that we need “Global Citizenship” aiming at preparing the individuals to rethink their conceptions, adjust to the new integrated world order and understand the efforts to meet its challenges. The college aims at achieving the vision by framing the values such as openness, ethical behaviour, self esteem, empathy and professionalism that run as an undercurrent for all the initiatives and activities undertaken.

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